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Mar 22, 2017 Derrick others 88 comments

Everybody likes free stuff. But cautious people have the philosophy that nobody gives items out for free. Well, I disagree. It solely depends on the individual in question and the circumstances that are prevailing at that moment. I happen to be one who occasionally gives items out for free. But enough about me, I am here to give you a present for free.

            In our world, there are softwares. Softwares are computer programs that run on our computers. There are the necessary ones and the optional ones. People write these software’s source codes and sell. People sometimes don’t or may not have the means to buy these softwares, others are just being “mean” to be software writers thus we have pirated versions of softwares. These are very illegal and I advise that no one reading this post indulge in it.

            Enough of the boring stuff. There is a place where you can actually get free uncracked or no pirated softwares for free with original and working license for your use. This website really offers free softwares. It’s called THE GIVE AWAY CLUB . Now, this is how it works. The club offers free softwares but does not have a database of softwares for you to browse through. It works by releasing a new free software every day of the week. Tuesday’s free software will no longer be seen on Wednesday as another free software will be available.

            I downloaded a software and I was given a free license for 6 months. Pretty cool huh? The softwares are random and you cannot guess…..unless you have an inside view J.

The drawback of the club is that you must check in on the website every day at least to see if your preferred software is being given free for the day. And I must say that it is a small price to say. You can give me your opinions at the comments section later after reading.

However, all hope is not lost. The club, on a weekly basis sometimes allow members of the club to vote for the software(s) they want to see for the following week from the options provided so you can also voice your opinions. If you wanna do that however then you need to subscribe to their newsletter..or email list…however they call ‘em. The club will send you weekly emails about what is trending on the website and even sometimes remind you about the vote for the week’s free softwares.

The club also gives out great discount codes to those who prefare to buy the softwares from the original vendors.

The club does not just give free softwares. They also have a nice blog where insightful articles are posted for your reading pleasure. You may check it out on their website.

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